Aug 22, 2007

Shout Out

One of the major characteristics of the fight against capitalism is the global scale on which it must be fought in order to be most effective and adherent to Marxist doctrine. While most of the readership of the blog comes from the United State, it also has it's international audience. It makes me extremely happy that people around the world are reading my blog and learning more about the revolution. That said I would like to give some shout outs, to my readers in Pittsburgh, El Segundo, Montréal, Toronto, South America, Europe (including Turkey), Oceania, and Asia. No hits from Africa or the Middle East. Long live the global struggle against capitalism, the Fourth World War.

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Nathaniel said...

Real life shouldn't aim to adhere to Marxist doctrine (written as a Marxist). Instead Marxist methods investigate real life and seek to change it.