Sep 19, 2007

Al Queda Six Years After 9/11

I listen to an interesting NPR report on whether or not Al Queda is stronger six years after 9/11. The U.S. government propaganda mill claims that bin Laden is "impotent" and his power is limited to releasing videotapes. But this is obviously not true. Iraq is, pardon my French a shit show. Why? In any military conflict there are inherently two struggles, one purely military and the other political. Now you always hear the media and various talking heads say that in Iraq there is "no military solution only political solutions. The Iraqi insurgency or any guerrilla group cannot ever hope to take on the U.S. Army in a purely military conflict, the gap in troops and technology is too great. So they must fight a political war. The purpose of their actions is to make it too expensive and/or unpopular domestically for the U.S. to maintain a large military presence. And it has worked. The Imperialists have already been defeated.

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