Oct 14, 2007

The Real Red Son

I must admit, my nomme-de-guerre used in this blog is not my own creation. I took the name from a miniseries of comics called Superman: Red Son about what would happen if Superman landed in the USSR and not the USA. Check it out, it is one of my favorite comics and pro-socialist pieces of literature. Here is a sample panel:


Not Superman said...

If Superman landed in a communist country, would he not have to be liquidated for failing to share his superpowers with the workers and creating a state of inequality (with its attendant alienation and exploitation) that could not be resolved bloodlessly? Don't Superman's superpowers make the duma and the nation's glorious leader look bad? Combine his parsimonious nature and lack of respect for authority with his need for privacy -- that whole Clark Kent business shows a lack of concern for the state's need to know what he is up to all day -- and its obvious he is destined for a date with coffee and krytonite.

The Red Son said...

Well spoken comrade. You should read the comic and see how things turn out. The Red Son never feels compelled to lead a double life, even though he is still prone to solitude.