Oct 12, 2007

Tip of the Day: Use Shotguns

In many situations a shotgun is the perfect for the guerrilla. Why?
1) Shotguns and shotshells are cheap and easily acquired in most situation because they are used for hunting. Therefor they can be legally acquired and commonly found in almost any country or locality, even where gun control is stringent, such as Europe.
2) They are easy to use and relatively untrained soldiers can use them effectively. It is not precision weapons so instructing somebody to simply "point and shoot."
3) They are easy to conceal, on your person, luggage or in a vehicle, especially with a sawed-off or combat length barrel and a pistol grip or folding/collapsible stock.
4) They rip people up at close range, great for room clearing and other urban combat situations. The amount of raw energy being transfered into your target and size/number of wound is unrivaled by another other small arm at distances under 25 yards.
5) Shotshells are a versatile cartridge which can accommodate many different loads to fit many situations.
6) Shotguns, accessories and ammo are all pretty cheap which allows you to equip more troops on a smaller budget.
7) Shotguns loaded with lead slugs or buck shot (the former much safer and more effective) can be used to blow the hinges and/or locks on a door in order to gain entrance to a building or other contained area.
Just for fun, here is a picture of me at the range with a side by side, currently broken open.


Bonjon said...

I'm confused about the picture. What does it show?

The Red Son said...

It is me walking back towards the shooting benches at the range, holding a break-action double barrel shotgun in 12 ga. I had opened the gun to eject the cartridge so thats why the barrel is pointed down and not straight towards the camera. does that clear things up?