Nov 1, 2007

Blog list

Here is a list of interesting websites and blogs I have come across recently:
Coolopolis has several posts relating to the FLQ, including a recent interview with FLQ cofounder Raymond Villeneuve, which I found to be very interesting.
MIPT Terrorism Knowledge Base is a comprehensive database of information and images pertaining to "terrorist groups" around the world. The project has strong connections with the RAND Corporation.
•The Socialist writer Kalashnikov's Freedom is Slavery
•A free Study guide for the Army boards. Remember know thy enemy and learn from his multi-billion dollar training manuals.
Rev Left, a great set of discussion boards for all thing revolutionary.
Renegade Eye a great multi-author blog with great writing. Because of a link from this site I found out that this blog is blocked by the Chinese firewall.
Peoples Commissar of Enlightenment


Renegade Eye said...

I linked to your blog.

You should get . It will alphabetize your links, and tell you of blog updates. I keep links seperate from blogs.

The blog "Freedom is Slavery," seems to belong to a comrade of mine. All of his links are to the group I belong to. Unfortunately he turned off comments.

My blog is unique, because it's visited by so many different political persuasions.

Adrian said...

Haha my blog is blocked in China too. Why would they bother? I've only got one hit from China - now I guess I know why.

BTW I found your blog via