Dec 29, 2007

Being a Watchman/Lookout/Security Guard

As some of you may know, I recently graduated from the institution of high learning that I was attending, so I am no longer an "institutionalized" academic. No longer occupied with my studies, I have taken a temporary position as a security guard. Basically I have to sit in a booth for eight hours and let cars with appropriate access privileges through. Needless to say that, it becomes quite dull at points. Currently I am two and a half hours into a sixteen hour doubleshift. In this spirit, here is my list of ways to keep sane during sentry-related duties. Keep in mind that in some situations some of these may not be possible/safe.

• Run sprints and other type of drills • Throw knives into the floor • Blog like nobody's busy •Listen to music, the radio is nice because you can keep up on news, listen to opera, etc. and there is always something new on, unlike CDs, iPods etc. • Philosophize • Smoke mad cigarettes, but be aware that the enemy can smell you smoking and at night see the ember of your cigarette clearly • Mark your territory, keep wild animals away • Practice your ascents, right now I'm working on my Irish ascent • Target practice • Read books • Be creative and switch it up, doing new things and keeping busy is the key to making the sun come up a little bit quicker.

It is a rainy, grey winter day so I am visualizing warmer climates.

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