Mar 10, 2008

Seven Firefights in Vietnam or How to Defeat a Technologically Superior Enemy

Once in a red moon a reader will contact me with a link or a reading recommendation, asking if I can post it here. The answer is almost always yes. Recently Seven Firefights in Vietnam by John A. Cash, John Albright and Allan W. Sandstrum was sent to me. The reader described the book thusly:

The content includes detailed accounts of various encounters and offensives by and against the Viet Cong throughout various stages of the war and is replete with pictures and maps. I have found it to be an invaluable resource for tactical analysis and and a great insight as to military operation and responses. I have provided a link and hope you will find it is pertinent as I have.

I have started to read it over and it does look quite useful. It should still be useful and relevant as the U.S. Army rarely learns from its mistakes. A lot of it is went over my head due to various military jargon, but I still got a lot out of it so far. This is yet another example of using what governments spends lots of time and money on for this opposite purpose, supporting revolution. If any other readers have anything else that they would like to contribute let me know and please include a nom de guerre so that I can given proper credit.

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