Oct 11, 2008

Gun of the Day: China Lake NATIC 40mm Grenade Launcher

I haven't done a Gun of the Day for a while, partly because I haven't come across anything that particularly excited me. But I have been wanting to do one for a while now as they were once a mainstay of The Revolution Script. I was originally going to post about grenade launchers that are double action revolvers (the weapon is fed from a six shot rotating cylinder) such as the Mikor MGl, pictured above. Notice how he still has an M-4 hanging from his sling in addition to the six 40mm grenades that he can deliver in three seconds at targets up to 375 meters and up to 800 meters with the newest grenade technology. This type of grenade launcher is very common in riot control, law enforcement/riot control and military applications as there are a variety of grenade loads that can be loaded into, from regular explosive to buck shot and flechettes to bean bag rounds, tear gas and other "less than lethal" rounds. The is even a reusable multi barrel adapter that shoots 10 rounds of .22lr at once.

I have always wanted to get an M-79-type break action grenade launcher. TI saw one at a gun show that was used in some state prison down south (Georgia? Louisiana?) for around 300 dollars. The only problem is that the ammo is prohibitively expensive and often times consider "destructive devices" by the BATFE.

But the Gun of the Day is none of the above. I am a big fan of pump action shotguns so when I came across the China Lake Pump-Action Grenade Launcher pictured below. Less than 50 have been produced as they were only produced in order to be tested by the US Navy SEALs as a replacement for the single shot M-79 and XM148. It had some feed issues with odd-shaped rounds but was very quick at empty it's four round tube magazine and was only 1/2 heavier than the M-79 with all four rounds loaded. I still think that it is a bad-ass idea which is why it is the Gun of the Day!


Sven Ortmann said...

The Russians have the 43mm GM-94, a powerful similar weapon and the Romanians have a weapon (I only recall "Argus") that's similar as well (standard Warsaw Pact 40mm UBGL cartridges).

The Red Son said...

The GM-94 looks badass! Thanks for commenting.