Nov 6, 2008

Obama: This is the Change that I Demand

After Obama's rather sizable victory last night, I think it is safe to say that the voters have given him a mandate to make the change that he has been talking about for the last twenty months. He now has massive amounts of political capital to spend and an extremely friendly congress with which to spend it. Here are a number of issues that I demand President-elect Barack Obama address during his first four years as president.

•Fix the economy. This includes reversing free trade laws which only benefit corporations. This includes a tighter regulation of the financial institutions which has proven themselves to be incapable of regulating themselves.

•Don't ban guns. Do not institutes ever repressive gun laws which only serve to disarm the proletariat and eliminates the self-determination of the working-class. There are much bigger problems which need to be dealt with, immediately.

•End the imperialist wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and any other countries in which the U.S. armed forces and intelligence agencies are "looking out for American interests". This includes sponsoring attempted coups against democratically elected leaders such as Hugo Chavez and Evo Morales.

•End the economic blockade of Cuba. It only serves to punish the Cuban people and does not benefit the U.S. in any way. Lift all travel bans to the island nation. Every other country in the world maintains relations with Cuba and so should we.

•End the War on Drugs. It is a huge waste of money and resources to arrest, try and incarcerate drug offenders. Marijuana should be legalized for recreational and medical use. Alternatives to prison time need to be considered for non-violent drug offenders. If Obama is looking for programs to eliminate for free up tax dollars for more noble causes, start here.

•Restore all constitutional rights that have been eroded by the Bush administration. This includes revoking claims to executive privilege which skews the balance of power within the government.

•Create a revolutionary energy/environmental policy. I want to see the kind of effort that we put into NASA to fight the Soviets during the cold war put into technologies to stop the degradation of the environment and begin to repair the damage we have already done.

I could keep going but for the sake of brevity and my desire to go smoke a cigarette, I will stop now. As always my readers should feel free to add their own demands on our new president in the comment section.


Jeremy, henry's classmate said...

I have just one question for you. How could you possibly expect Obama to end the war on drugs in only four years if and i mean if he is re-elected how could you possibly expect it to be taken care of in 8 years. Do you actually understand why we are losing to the "war" on drugs!

The Red Son said...

Did you not read what I wrote? Legalizing marijuana will take millions of people out of the court system. 872,721 people were arrested in 2007 on marijuana related charges, that is almost a hundred people an hour! Marijuana arrests are a very significant portion of all drug offenses. Legalize it and BOOM millions and millions of dollars are freed up and millions more raised because it will be taxed. How will he end it? Stop treating drug abuse as a criminal issue and start looking at them for what they are, a public health issue.

BTW I hope that you and Henry keep reading, especially because you both seem to disagree with me!

Jay@Soob said...

jeremy, henry's classmate,

let's assume I don't understand why we are losing the war on drugs. Explain, if you would.

Anonymous said...

Obama WILL take away your guns.

Anonymous said...

If you where somewhat informed about Obama's positions on guns (which he will try to put more controls on)and his socialist marxist positions on the economy I think you would think differently. Bush for his many faults has managed to take the fight the islamofacist. I rather have them dead then Americans.

The Red Son said...

Anonymous #2: Think differently about what? I do know that he will favors more restrictive gun control measures, which is why I am demanding that he doesn't reactivate the assault weapons ban or any other form of gun control. As I Marxist I laugh when right-wingers try to call him a Marxist. Has he ever even hinted at putting control of the means of production in the hands of the workers? No. Therefor he is not a Marxist. I think that you have kinda missed the point of the blog. Also I am not sure what Bush fighting "Islamofacists" has to do with this post.

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