Jan 25, 2013

Vermont Police Now Fully Equipped with Mobile Data Terminals

Before I left Vermont, I accepted the invitation of the local police chief to get a free demo of the new mobile data terminals recently acquired by the department thanks to a grant from the Department of Homeland Security. Obviously there are tons of terrorists in my small home town, so many that it needs federal tax dollars, ones that could be much better spent investing in education, health care, unemployment, or any number of needy social services. But I digress...

The chief said that by the end of 2008, every police department in Vermont (sheriffs, state police, Border Patrol, town) will be equipped with laptops encased in shock proof, drop proof cases that swap in and out of their cruisers and other vehicles. Using either the keyboard or the touch screen, the cop can access the internet and see which officers are on patrols from which departments across the state and instant message them. Also cops no longer need to radio into a dispatcher in order to check plates, car registration and people's licenses and other IDs. I am guessing that most other states also have this technology but I just wanted to share this piece of counter-intelligence.

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Marxo-Anarchist Freedom Front said...

Thank you brother! This seems incredably useful.