Jan 27, 2009

Caught on Tape: Oakland Cop Murders Detained Suspect

Via Indy Media

I realize that this is kinda old news, but I had not seen the video today. The video below depicts a BART cop who stops handcuffing a suspect, Oscar Grant who is clearly not a danger to the officers at that point and SHOOTS HIM IN THE BACK! While police murders in this country and around the world are unfortunately quite common, this act of repression and brutality was committed in front of a train full of people, many of whom were recording the murder. Kudos to these civilian cop watchers. Some people are claiming that he was reaching for his Taser and pulled his pistol instead. Bullshit! You can see him pull the gun from his holster and point it at the suspect, at which point he would have both felt and seen the gun (looks like a Beretta, but I could be wrong) in his hand. He hesitates and then pulls the trigger.

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I took this picture in my neighborhood and it perfectly captures how this makes me and many other people feel.


Anonymous said...

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The Red Son said...

Now might be a good time to explain my moderation policy. Usually, non-constructive, hateful comments are not allowed to be posted. The above comment was allowed to be posted to show that the racism which caused this murder is a real, present evil which all revolutionary movement must actively fight.