Feb 10, 2010

Physical Training (PT) for Free

Getting and staying in combat-ready or near combat-ready physical condition is not the easiest task, especially if you are doing it alone or can't afford a gym membership. But there are some ways to do effective PT for free.

•If you live near clean water, swim a lot. It is great cardiovascular exercise and works on all of your muscle groups. Also I have found ocean water to be very healing in terms of cleaning up dirty, scabbed over wounds. Also strong swimming skills have their combat potential.

•Don't drive, walk/run or bike. If at all possible walk or bike everywhere. You can do it anywhere and you can easily incorporate it into your daily life. I have found biking to be much quicker than public transport. And when you walk you find lots of cool places that you wouldn't have found otherwise and will find cool stuff on the ground or left for curbside pick up. Also you can load up your patrol pack to make the walk that much more effective.

•A lot of cities have bars and platforms in their parks that you can do all sorts of exercises on. Push ups and sit ups can be done anywhere but they don't work all of your muscle groups. One park I have been to even have a suggested regiment posted near each station with detailed instructions on how to use the equipment.

Even if you don't become super fit right away, a little PT and preparedness will go a long way when the time comes to run for the hills.


Justin C said...

Good post, Red Son. Fitness has largely, like many things in American culture, become something people think they can buy their way into. You make good points about getting fit for little to nothing.

This IS one peril a materialistic/capitalist society faces, and we have fallen into it. Money can't buy everything. America spends more money than any other nation on fitness, yet we are one of the fattest societies on earth.

Good Post!


The Red Son said...

You make some good points. People want to take a pill or do anything but change their diet and get some exercise. If everybody walked down to the grocery store two blocks away instead of drive, imagine the difference. Also it would make neighbours actually see each other and converse and not be so damn alienated from their fellow humans.