Jun 1, 2010

My Bugout List: Three Guns Without Which I Would Never Run to the Hills

It is often asked which three guns one should carry if it is time to take up arms, bug out to the woods, etc. It is the subject of many, many gun-nerd flame wars on AR15.com and other gun forums. I encourage my readers to post their own lists and thoughts on mine in the comments section. I'm no expert but if I were in Vermont and I had to start a small resistance cell in the wooded wilderness and were to potentially face armed human adversaries I would take:

Primary- Any AK in 5.56x45mm or .223 remington, preferably a tricked out Krebb Kustom but any hand-build or Saiga conversion would do nicely. I'd go with the Kalashnikov platform because it is better suited for guerrilla warfare because of it's extreme durability and low maintenance requirements. But rather than going with a Soviet cartridge such as 7.62x39mm or 5.45mm, I go with the NATO chambering because of resupply issues; 5.56x45mm would be much easier to find in supply raids on both civilian and military targets. Additionally the caliber is small enough to hunt game as big as deer but as small as a prairie dog or raccoon.

Secondary- I wouldn't be caught dead in the wood of VT without a 12 gauge shotgun, pump action for increased reliability and ammo compatibility, such as a Mossberg 590. The versatility of the platform makes the gun useful for close-quarters combat as well as in rural firefights. Additionally having a duck/foul gun that could also be loaded with slugs to take down deer-sized animals and larger. Ammo is common, easily reloaded and many components can be improvised from powder to load.

Pistol-If I had my druthers I would be packing a tactical revolver chambered in .357 magnum such as a Smith and Wesson R8. Again the pistol would serve both in a combat role and a hunting role, although you'd have to be a pretty damn good shot or be lucky enough to have a dear walk within 50 yards.

If combat was not an issue I would take a .308 bolt action, a .22 magnum/20 gauge over/under and keep the .357 in case a bear charged me.


Anonymous said...

I like your blog. It's nice to read a leftist discuss in a matter of fact way the possble applicaton of violence as a means for political change...and a gun nerd to boot!
anyway i'd bug out to the texas hill country with the following;
1. sks carbine--the only semiauto I presently own...and a very rugged and versatile gun
2. yugo m48--nice long range hunting and sniping gun...stripper clip fed...poor man's k98
3. 38 super automatic--this is a vert underrared round...super p hits as hard as the .45 round and is smaller and pretty cheap.

The Red Son said...

Good choices if you don't consider ammo availability. 8mm mauser isn't that rare, but .38 super auto isn't even stocked at many gunstores.

Anonymous said...

Do you mean S&W R8? I'm looking, but I can't find any Ruger gun that matches. The GP100 is up next on my buy list.

The Red Son said...

Yes I did, thanks for catching that.