Jul 15, 2010

Should I Demask?/Blog offices relocated

Originally the nomme de guerre The Red Son and the long-haired masked representation of The Red Son was a tool for anonymity and protection from fascist vigilantes and other agents of oppression. Until now The Red Son and this author in real life live two separate lives (which is the alter ego of which is up to debate.) Because I was not previously involved in much activism outside the blog, this was never really an issue. Now that I have moved to the San Francisco Bay Area and have become more involved with various projects and venues of activism I am considering using the blog as a means of promoting said projects. But doing this would violate the previous cardinal rule this blog, anonymity. I am interested in hearing what my readers have to say on the matter so I have posted a new poll in the sidebar. If you wish to leave a comment, you know the drill.


Nathaniel said...

Anonymity on a blog is a one way street. You have to do a thorough uprooting ever to return in an anonymous form. I personally don't believe there's much use in total anonymity besides in direct action (and I suspect if "the authorities" care they can find you). It's better most of the time in the US for leftists to be "out." I would say keep the pseudonym and promote the causes and organizations you want to. That keeps the Googling by employers, officials and anyone else who could mess with you away and gives you a chance to promote and comment on worthwhile local stuff.

Anonymous said...

Anonimity is essential for all activists, whether they're involved in direct action or not.

Stay anonymous as you can never get your anonymity back if you go public.

blackstone said...

yeah keep this anonymous

The Red Son said...

Nathaniel you make a good point, one which I have thought about before, the government could find me if they wanted to. Since I am not engaged in any potentially illegal activities, such as environmental and animal liberation direct action or summit organizing, I think the chance that the government gives two shits about me is quiet slim. Also I don't think any internet tough guy mall ninja types are really going to bother to come find me in a huge city. Mostly I don't want my name IRL to be easily associated with the blog.

I will continue to practice security culture procedure no matter what.

Huey148 said...

I use a "handle" myself but my real identity is easy enough to find if you look hard enough. I don't sweat it. When I find a local 2A cause to bring attention to I proudly proclaim my stance as I think that gun owning, law abiding American citizens need to stop being afraid of how we are portrayed by the media and stand up for our rights. I say be loud and be proud. You're in California and one of the biggest pits of liberalism in the country...Sun Szu said "in focal ground ally..in deep ground plunder"...go plunder

Arctic Patriot said...

Anyone can find your identity if they want.

Hide if you want, reveal if you want.

I use a handle, but have revealed myself to many through email.

I keep my identity private, not secret, for family's sake.

I will not hesitate to pull a John Hancock should the need arise.