Mar 6, 2011

U.S. Revolutionary Strategy 2011

With the year 2011 already in full swing, and given recent events and personal experiences, I felt inspired to write a post outlining what I believe to be a way forward in advancing the revolutionary anti-capitalist movement in the United States, although this does not exclude it from being applicable in other countries or regions.

There is no doubt in my mind that we stand at a unique historical juncture and as Obama deceitfully told us "we are the people we have been waiting for!" In Egypt, Tunisia, Bahrain, Libya, Nepal, the Philippines, India, Greece, Italy, and Madison, Wisconsin, we see manifestations of a growing revolutionary milieu on a global scale. Empire is in peril, losing its hegemonic control over its colonies, the most glaring example of which is the popular uprising which overthrew longtime U.S. supported dictator Hosni Mubarak in Egypt. Empire has become so worried that U.S. Secretary of State recently held a meeting of all of its diplomats and ambassadors, circling the proverbial wagons for a sustained assault on the interests of global capital and Empire. Domestically we see the economy in shambles, infrastructure crumbling, a polarization of society, an ever growing disparity in income, rising unemployment and homelessness, rising levels of fascism and other reactionary ideologies, and more.

And the stakes at the moment could not be higher, in deed the very survival for the human race is at stake. At the moment the crimes of global capital cause an untold amount of misery, death and environmental degradation.

Are we on the brink of global socialist revolution? No, but as a good comrade recently told me, "If its not the beginning of the end, then the beginning of the end is beginning."And the stakes at the moment could not be higher, in deed the very survival for the human race is at stake. At the moment the crimes of global capital cause an untold amount of misery, death and environmental degradation. If we do not act, our current level of "fucked" will continue to deteriorate until we are FUBAR.

It is clear, we must act and we must act now. Unfortunately the anti-capitalist movement in the United States today is but a shadow of its former, early-20th century glory. As such we are starting almost from scrap; there are many networks and groups in existence whom are doing very good work, but it is not enough. We need sustained, meaningful action, not just well written rhetoric.

There is no shortage of political organization and activity in the US, but either they are reactionary in nature or not sufficiently revolutionary, that is while their cause is one that most anti-capitalist would support, they do not recognize the root of the problem that they seek to mitigate, which, in almost all cases is capitalism. In the case of reactionary groups, we must oppose their agenda at all junctures.

The best way to build a viable anti-capitalist movement in the U.S. is by strengthening existing anti-capitalist groups, radicalizing existing organizations and bringing them together. In the short term this means connecting with other working class movements, especially the immigrants rights, anti-war, food justice, unemployed workers, homeless/foreclosed, student/youth (ones who's concerns are not limited to the college), and prison abolition; I feel that these are the strongest existing movements to work with. Additionally, the anti-war platform is a great position to build solidarity with international movements AND related immigrant communities domestically. For example, ANSWER coalition connects anti-capitalists with American Mulism/Arab communities on Egyptian solidarity actions. Solidarity and support take many forms, such as organizing a campaign in opposition to an Arizona-like immigration bill in your home state or holding a fund raising event to raise legal funds for comrades on trial.

The goal being that anti-capitalists develop a presence in a broader number of groups, networks and movements, we need to be seen as both allies and socialism as a viable alternative to the current economic system. In this regard, anti-capitalism must gain exposure and legitimacy among disenfranchised and exploited groups, which at this point is just about everybody with the goal of creating dual-power systems. In other words, we must start to build the infrastructure of a post-capital society and in doing so begin to replace to state and capital where they both have failed, providing material security such as abundant food and social services, economic security and protection from violent aggression. This process is made much easier due to the fact that the prevailing authorities have failed so miserably at each one of this tasks. However, this does not subtract from the enormity of the task ahead. You are not recruiting in this situation you are gaining popular support by supporting the people; new comrades are a secondary bonus.

It is also important to build solidarity with protests movements in Europe, North African, and the Middle East, and more militant groups like the Zapatistas in Mexico and the Naxalites in India. A global revolution is needed to destroy capitalism; we are all fighting the same war on multiple fronts and our actions and words must reflect that. Educate, raise funds, hold actions at embassy, whatever methods you choose to express this solidarity.

Potential ways to support and strengthen existing revolutionaries including establishing squats, even very temporaries ones for use as housing (including temporary housing for out of town comrades during protests or conferences), event space or for other "party business." The facilitation of the creation of a revolutionary community such as organizing conferences, skill shares, workshops, lectures, salons, movies screenings, and anything else that brings comrades together, gets them talking and working together. Additionally individuals and groups should make a concerted effort to attend the meetings and actions of other anti-capitalist groups and tendencies, even if you can't come together on everything.

Our current tactics, while needed and useful are no longer enough as the stakes and the battle lines continue to grow. We must escalate the level of intensity, commitment and risk in our tactics. Occupations, squatting, public space creation/reclamation; the time has come to seize land, properties and means of production. No matter where you live, there are abandoned/unused properties, there are storefront, warehouses and factories closed down recently or in year past. Use occupied space to house people and create worker-controlled means of production and other publicly/socially useful spaces. Some areas off the country have been devastated by foreclosures of homes and/or closures of factories and as such are ripe for occupation. Occupied spaces can also be utilized to create the infrastructure of the revolutionary movement, as mentioned above.

This is how I see the way forward, please leave your thoughts in the comment section.

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