Aug 18, 2011

What BART Cops Are Packing

Last week I was lucky enough to be able to study a fully equipped BART riot cop at #opBART. In advance of tomorrow's #opBART-2 protest, here is what folks can expect to encounter. BART riot cops have no less than six weapons AND lead knuckled gloves including their duty 9mm (either a Sig or a Beretta, I forgot to look, I know SFPD carries Sigs) pistol (mostly Sig Sauers, although because they are "tactical units" they can pick, I saw a 1911 and Glock 19), a riot length baton, a folding tactical knife, pepper spray, a Taser X-26 (below) and a break action 40mm grenade launcher with an Eotech red-dot and forward pistol grip, loaded with sponge grenades/"rubber bullets"(actual BART cop with bandoleer of grenades pictured above).

Be safe out there.


GarglingPancakes said...

Interesting... and I've heard a little about opBART but not much. Where can I learn more?

Great blog, btw :thumbsup:

The Red Son said... - for info on the broader context and movement surrounding opbart. - opbart specific info

Thanks for the kind words. I am glad you find it useful.