Nov 17, 2011

Tip of the Day: Occupy but Don't Rely on Fixed Ground

I haven't done a "Tip of the Day" for quite sometime, but after recent events and discussion with old comrades, I just had one lesson of guerrilla warfare relevant to the current Occupy movement(s).

It increasingly seems as though there is a coordinated, perhaps federally effort by cities across the country to forcibly remove Occupy encampments and the allegedly constitutionally-protected protesters. Occupy Oakland is the closest to my heart, having been brutally dispersed twice, but also Occupy San Francisco, which as I write this is expecting a raid before the sun rises. Occupiers need to stand their ground and attempt to hold it.

But if they cannot, it is important to remember that as a smaller force facing a larger, technologically superior army of fascist enforcers of Captial, the Occupy movement must not rely on fixed ground. This is the strength of a leaderless, non-hierarchical model; the ability to be amorphous and mobile. If a group cannot keep a camp established, they must organize quickly to re-group and decide on a course of action.

You cannot stomp out a wildfire, it will spread.

By not relying on fixed ground but instead being able to regroup and act quickly, you will stay ahead of the forces of repression. If a group has the cohesion and direction, establishing new camps, continuing marches and direct actions, and taking the next logical step to occupying BUILDINGS and the means of production is both possible and, in my view, they only way to move forward with the Occupy movement(s).


Anonymous said...

Ive been reading your blog for a few years now. Thanks for the solid information and dedication. You have earned far more respect from me by giving attention to the occupy movement. Thanks comrade. Solidarity from Occupy Houston.

The Red Son said...

I am honored to have your continued readership, I write in hopes of it being read.

I was fortunate enough to live in the bay area and participate in OSF and OO. I thought that I could provide a unique perspective and analysis of actions, events which I witnessed and then report on. There should be more Occupy related posts coming soon. Specifically a report back and analysis of the first SF commune action #A1 and a discussion of oakland PD's counter insurgency strategy against Occupy Oakland.