Apr 23, 2012

Update on the Blog: TRS Turns Five

It is hard to believe but The Revolution Script recently turned five years old

In the past five years, I feel as though my posts have changed, improving in quality while decreasing in number and frequency. I started the blog as a way to disseminate firearms and guerrilla warfare related information to my comrades, radical leftists and other revolutionaries. At the time I was undergoing both my political education and becoming radicalized and the blog was one of my sole political outlets and remained as such until I moved to San Francisco.

As the nature and variety of my political activities increased, as did the focus of my blog, shifting towards my interactions with and analysis of current social and political movements and away from simply an academic study of arms and armed revolutionaries. I feel as though it has been a change for the better; I now report on events which I have personally witnessed and provide a unique analysis based on my experience with and knowledge of small unit tactics/ guerrilla warfare.

I may not post as often, but rest assured a lot more time and effort goes into what I do post and any lack of activity on the interwebz is most likely a reflection of a high level of activity in the streets.

I wanna thank all the readers of and contributors to The Revolution Script, this blog wouldn't exist without you.

Hasta Siempre!

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