Mar 22, 2013

The Revolution Script Fan Club Redux

Long time readers of the blog, all two of you, will remember my "epic" encounter with and some other gun forums. I was banned form the former forum for "linking to sites advocating illegal acts," my blog, despite the complete lack of evidence to incriminate me. My trolling of that forum and the thread died and was archived for members only. Semi-recently they made the archive public, the thread can be found here and I was able to go back, have some laughs and realize it really wasn't as serious as I thought at the time.

Since I am unable to post/troll there any more, I'll just do it here.

Hey ARFCOM! I am still here, still writing my blog and more active IRL than ever. The FBI or the BATFE never came for me. You never tracked me down or managed to d0x me. I have been in police custody, including DHS on several occasions since you alerted them to my potential "domestic terrorism." They didn't do shit or mention anything about my activities. Good try though.

If you wanna continue the conversation, I would suggest that you ask the mods/admins to reverse my ban. Round two is long overdue.


Robert Donner said...

"I hate commies, but it almost seems hypocritical that a bunch of ARFCOMMERS are bashing what appears to be a rooftop voter"


They don't like anyone who falls outside the Romney Republican mold. Behind all the that Three Percenter bravado it's pretty obvious that most of them folks are in it as a hobby, and they'll hand in their guns and move on to golf or something if their masters ever ask it of them. The kind of person who can pour enough money into a rifle to buy a decent car is not the kind who will ever risk rocking the economic boat.

You might have more fans than you realize. I'm pretty near your diametric opposite in terms of politics (National Anarchist), but I've been pouring over your material and plan on linking heavily to it for the benefit of my little Junior Militia Movement.

I love your posts on dumpster diving, fregan ammo, primitive reloading, caching and the like. Something I'd really like to see is some ideas on where a prospective guerrilla force might find food.

There's homesteading/survival gardening of course, but will that be an option when the folks running Pot Patrols refocus their efforts on torching your cornfield and rooting you out for raising crops without Monsato's permission? Ranching will have the same problem once Corpgov mandates identification and chipping of domestic animals. Relying on civilian supporters only works if your enemy is nice enough not to go after them (none since Sherman and Kitchner have been). Any pre-war caches will run dry eventually. Hunting and gathering would be very difficult for any force of substantial size that was also trying to carry out combat operations. Spoils of war will be variable even in successful operations.

A wise guerrilla would take all of these and more into consideration.

The Red Son said...

LOL. I really enjoyed your comment! I am sorry that it took me sooooo long to approve, I'm not online that much these days.

I am glad you have found the information useful and I appreciate the civil tone. However as you say we are on opposite sides of the spectrum in some regards. I don't know that much about national anarchism other than what I learned researching BANA. But I do appreciate you readership and comments and again you seem civil, so I hope that you stick around.